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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 19, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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the pastor of the school is stepping down. lillian kim is live at the school with reaction for us. lillian? >>reporter: carry lip, the resignation is effective medley and there are no plans to reassign him in a position as pastor. diocese of san jose won't say why father lou lieu was stepping down but it's one month after incident that left parents outraged. during the school festival fundraiser when a group of parents noticed that a former parent and registered sex offender was volunteering at the event. tj was among a handful of parents who urged the priest to do something but the pastor resisted and told the parents to be compassionat compassionate. >> we tried to explain that to the priest. we are your foundation. parishioners looking out for the children. we have to. and it just seemed lake he should have medley felt the same way.
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>>reporter: father lou kept referring to a letter the man had allowing him to attend such events where children were present. diocese released the 2-year-old letter tonight but covered up the critical part of who signed off on it. bishop reportedly never authorized it and neither did the top keep t ty. diocese would only say it was not prepared by a current employee. >> whoever signed off on this should run and hide. there's no 1 to protect him if he steps foot on our school. >>reporter: after the priest not everyone is happy about the resignation. many parents say he did a lot of good for the school but tj says in the end it was probably the right decision. >> when you are in charge of that many children well-being and safety, you don't, you can't afford to have mistakes that your judgment be poor. your decision-making be poor. >>reporter: in a statement tonight the diocese says the bishop is taking immediate steps to adopt a policy in
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which registered sex offenders would no longer be able to volunteer under any circumstances. live in san jose, lillian, abc 7 news. >> all right thank you. >> new storm system is about to hit the bay area. let's check in with sandhya who is tracking it on radar tonight. >> let's check out live doppler 7 hd and see most of the moisture is still north of the bay area. as you look here there are some clouds and we take you a little bit closer here. light showers have been reported around ukiah. clover dale out towards clear lake. very few returns showing up around fort ross sea ranch more than likely sprinkle but to the north crescent city is reporting heavy rain with some wind. i'll let you know when the steady rain is going to get down to the bay area but one thing for sure you want to grab the umbrella heading out the door tomorrow morning. detailed look at the storm coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks. >> breaking news out of southern california tonight where the fbi arrested 3 men
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and fourth in afghanistan that officials say were planning all of them to commit violent jihad on u.s. soil. 34-year-old natural citizen from afghanistan is accused of recruiting 3 younger men living in los angeles, san bernardino and riverside counties down south. fbi files indicate the 4 were planning to unite at al qaeda training camp with the intent of returning to the u.s. to commit terrorist acts. >> san jose police are appealing for help to get a wanted killer off the street. 20,000 dollar reward now offered for the capture of second man who took part in a string of weekend crimes. police have already arrested this man jonathan will banks who committed the crimes with this man. the 2 are caused of killing 22-year-old the man during attempted carjacking at 7-11. victims friends are asking the suspect to turn himself in. >> justice should be done and i hope the guy gets caught and serves life in prison. because
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that's not the way people should leave this earth. >>reporter: 2 gunmen also accused of robbing 4 businesses and wound ago police officer during a shoot out. that officer suffered just minor injuries. >> artist arrested at the oakland airport as we reported last week for carrying what looked like bomb materials will not face charges. jeffrey was stopped by tsa agents who noticed a suspicious looking watch. the artist says he made several of these pieces. there it is. and checked them through security plenty of times before. part-time instructor at the academy of arts university in san francisco was surprised at the reaction this time. >> business as usual. traveling back to l.a. i had one of them with me. put it in the bin and tsa gentlemen stopped it and it was fine. but then next thing i know i'm in handcuffs and detained and bomb squad. >>reporter: over the weekend he posted 150,000 dollar bond
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and then today the district attorney decided not to file charges against him. >> big push tonight in san francisco to get drunk drivers off the road. candlestick park ground zero for the operation but not the only location where officers are stopping drivers and making arrest. nick smith is live at candlestick park for us tonight. nick? >>reporter: good evening. the stick is only one of 4 organized saturation points. san francisco police department and the san francisco sheriff's department are doing their better to get those who are driving under the influence off of the streets. >> always have a dd. always designated driver. >>reporter: that's exactly what the san francisco police department wants to hear. >> we drink probably one or 2 glasses of wine. that's like moderate. you know. >>reporter: today the pd announced they were increasing the dui patrol at candlestick park. the goal? to educate the public about the risk of driving under the
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influence and taking violators off the street. >> i'm not planning on drinking and driving. hopefully everybody don't drink and drive. >>reporter: the game between the 49ers and the bears brought out thousands of fans and the empty bottle left behind suggest that drinking is part of the pre-game ritual. sf pd wouldn't say how many extra officers are working but told me that tonight plan was put in motion because of 6 figure grant awarded to them by the california office of transportation safety. >> have a good time and be safe as well. >>reporter: some fans decided they would avoid the hassle of traffic and threat of drunk drivers all together. by leaving the driving to someone else. >> smart thing to do. >>reporter: the organized saturation will go until 3:00 a.m. now get ago dui is expensive. a spokesperson with the sf pd told me that a first time fence can be as much as 1 15,000 dollars. 7 news.
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>> all right nick thanks. >> pickets lines going newspaper oakland. 24 hour strike by workers in support of oakland picture there and also at the airport. allen is live at oakland international to explain why they are walking off the job and the possible impact on travel. >>reporter: so far dan they have been stationed outside the employee entrances but there have been no problems. >> we will shut down the port. [applause]. >>reporter: now the union says it has no intention of disrupting air travel at the international airport. it's main target is the maritime port where it hopes this stop it from generating an average of 6 million dollars a day. strike there begins at 6:00 a.m. the port authority is asking the union to make a 5 percent contribution to their own retirement fund. the union doesn't like it but they say this strike was called because of unfair labor practices. they claim the port has been
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withholding financial information they have been requesting for bargaining purposes. >> all of our financial are fully available on line and we have been fully transparent and working with them and answer all the questions. we negotiate entered good faith throughout the entire period. >> arrogant attitude to get away with anything. they withheld this information. withheld. we requested. requested. so we good on strike and now they send it to us. >>reporter: the union says the panel of documents they have been requesting was delivered today. the union is hoping the other port union like the teamsters will honor the strike and expecting at least 400 union members to block truck from entering the port starting at 6:00 a.m. occupy oakland members have announced that they will join the strike in solidarity but union leaders tell me they are concerned that the occupy oakland members may try to hijack the whole thing and become a distraction. so they are going to hire their own security just to keep the peace. so again the strike
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here at the airport continues. and the attempt to shut down the mayor time port tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. starts tomorrow as i mentioned at 6:00 a.m. i'll allen wong reporting leif at the oakland international airport abc 7 news. >> okay thank you. another strike set for tomorrow morning. nurses at 10 sutter health hospital plan to protest cuts to patient care standards and nurse benefits. 1500 nurses will hold a one day strike at 2 hospital ins san jose. while 3300 others will strike for two days at 8 sutter hospitals in the east bay and novato. we have a full list of locations affected here on our web site click on see it on tv. those behind the cash register are pushing back after several major retailers announce they will be open on thanksgiving. today a target employee from southern california traveled to the source headquarters in minneapolis with box full of signature from the on line petition to stop store from his opening thursday. that
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petition has more than 360,000 signatures tonight. working on thanksgiving will prevent her from seeing her family. >> setting themselves up to maybe next year even open all day on thanksgiving. that's why i thought something needed to be done sooner rather than later. >>reporter: hundreds of stores had more volunteers wanting to work on thanksgiving than shift available. family desperate for children said they were deceived by a man who helped arrange an adoption. dan is here tonight with his investigation. >>reporter: the couple 9-year-old daughter is now in a mental institution. we tracked down the man who they say misled them. >> are you being straight with family about the kids they are adopt sning. >>reporter: up next chts. find out what he says about the children who needed more than a good home. also. ancient california history ripped from the side of a mountain. what some say is the worst act of vandalism they have seen. then later on "nightline".
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>> coming up next on "nightline". they both khaeted on their spouse so why do some say she's getting the brunt of the criticism? who really pays the praise when women tangle with powerful men. alesion a passion music and motherhood. >> stay here with us. 7 news >> stay here with us. 7 news at 11 continues in 60
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>> family across the country have trusted santa clara county man to help adopt ukraine children. >> but there are concerns the family aren't getting the full story about the kids mental health. >> dan is here with some of the risk of these international adoptions. >> that's right. the family you are about to meet thought they were adopting healthy children from the ukraine boy and girl. they found out later the kids actually came from a mental institution and had
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serious problems. how could they not know before opening their heart and their homes? >> this has been probably the hardest thichlingt i can't imagine going through anything worse than what we have been through in the last 19 months. >>reporter: they thought they were doing the right thing. north carolina couple decided to adopt 2 children from an orphanage in the ukraine but now say they were miss he had by the people who were to make sure the adoptions went smoot smoothly. >> it has destroyed our family. literally destroyed our famil family. >>reporter: in april 2010 the couple learned about the plight of ukraine orphan from a church group. >> i cried through the presentation that they did. >>reporter: they were hooked. church group introduced them to david avail who runs advocate for orphan out of his gilroy home. he charmed them 4875 for adoption facilitation service. >> he's to make sure that we have all the information that we need. >>reporter: they agreed to adopt 9-year-old girl before
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meeting her. after jason went on a mission trip to the ukraine and saw the living conditions at the orphan annual the family also decided to adopt 14-year-old alec. >> want to get them out of there. because it is a horrible physical environment. >>reporter: they say he never raised any question about the children health. they received just a few sheets on each child. written in ukraine. xwlosd overseer us issues. when they arrived home with the kids they experienced the first signs of trouble with the girl. >> she kicks and threaten to commit suicide. threatened to kill everybody in our family. >>reporter: she has brought her kids to this doctor. >> very clear these 2 children had very significant developmental neurological disabilities. >>reporter: he diagnosed the girl with 12 psychological and developmental disorders now lives from a mental hospital in north carolina. alec was diagnosed with 7 disorders. >> they should not have been made available except to a
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family who openly and willingly stated i want the motor severely handicapped and disabled child who has fetal alcohol, drug exposure, brain damage. >>reporter: they had no idea what they were getting into. they say they discovered later that the ukraine orphanage was actually an asylum. >> this was never disclosed. to us by anyone. >>reporter: family believes david avila should have told them about the children condition and about the orphanage. >> he should have known. he was paid to know. >>reporter: we faeched avila in a story about his adoption program here in the bay area back in 2008. a program similar to the one this couple heard about in north car line. avila brings ukraine orphan in a group to meet american famil family. >> 80 percent of the kid that come over find a family that adopts them eventually. >>reporter: david avila declined to be interviewed when i reached him by phone. after we spotted him in gilroy he took us on a tour of the town. stopped at the police station. officers warned him to follow
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traffic rules. >> hi david. >>reporter: i approached as he rushed into his home. i need to talk to you. david. really. come on. you going to put a jacket on your head? are you being straight with family about his the kids they are adopting? avila did give jason and lori a contract with a clause that health of child can not be guaranteed. parent is encouraged to seek the advice of medical professionals with expertise in international pediatrics prior to and during the adoption process. in california adoption facilitators like him much register with the state. we checked. avila and advocate for orphan was registered but lapsed in 2010. >> if someone doesn't have the registration then that is an issue that they may operating illegally. >>reporter: santa clara county district attorney office tells us there have been no complaints filed against avila. >> obviously something we would have to investigate. we look at both sides. we are fair to everyone. >>reporter: lori and jason say they will be filing a complaint
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against avila. and they are spreading the word about their adoption experience. hoping it's not repeated by other families. >> we brought these children here with hope. and there is such aless of hope. >>reporter: we spoke with the family who was featured in the abc 7 news story with half back in 2008. they say they are happy with his services but admit their adopted son has had behavioral problems as well. as for this family jason and lori visit the children in the instant substitution. alec in high school and parents are still worried about his future. they have a tough road ahead. >> heart breaking. they are paying the expenses. >>reporter: that's right that's right. >> expensive stuff. >> there are risk. >> family in need are lining up for help for the thanks giving hotel day. sacred heart community0 in san jose line stretched this from morning to after dark. they are distributing turkey dinner to 4000 family and still need 200 more turkey. fad distribution is scheduled to continue for the next two days.
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find out how you can help feed hungry family this is thanksgiving just go to our web site and click on see it on tv. >> people always help. >> weather forecast again and storm on its way. >> sandy here now with a look at live doppler 7 hd. >> yes. let's check out live doppler 7 hd. there's a little bit of blue showing up to the north of santa rosa. primarily been late showers. few sprinkles between ukiah and the clover dale area. nothing reaching the ground around santa rosa but the atmosphere is moisture engine up. earlier today santa rosa napa did report few hundredths inch of showers. temperatures writ now they are all in the 50's and here are the highlights. showers in the north bay. later on tonight rain spread south on tuesday and looking at showers to diminish by wednesday around midday. so tomorrow morning temperatures will be in the upper 40's to the low 50's when you head out the door make sure you have an extra layer on. kid have an extra layer. cal side.
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showers will first start in the north bay so grab umbrella head out the door because eventually many will need them. here's the cold front. it's a slow moving system. so it is actually going to stall over the north basement you will see here for a little bit of time before we start to notice rain across the rest of the region. 11:00 o'clock in. you notice north of santa rosa still some sprinkles. few showers by 5:00 a.m. approaching the santa rosa area for your morning commute. now by noon time we may actually pick up light showers ahead of the storm. cold front is going to be very slow moving at 5:00 p.m. barely getting that the north bay. where you will have some steady rain east bay down towards the peninsula. along the coast line by 5:00 p.m. we start to see some wet pavement. at midnight the front goes through the heart of the bay area. it pushes on out of her here. by 5:00 a.m. wednesday almost through the east bay and south bay so if you do have plans to get away on wednesday traveling afternoon evening will be the best bet to avoid
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the wet weather. rainfall total lack like this. highest in the north bay up to 2 inches in the mountains there. rest of the bay area generally less than that. look at the sharp contrast in the south by. two-tenths of an inch. sierra nevada very high snow level with this. windy tuesday wednesday. mix of rain and snow both days. by thursday thanksgiving it's partly cloudy. so really it's looking like mixed precipitation high snow level for the tahoe area. tomorrow afternoon we see the rain first in the north bay. temperatures in the upper 50's around clear lake. most of the rest of the bay area in the low to upper 60's. and as i mention you will need umbrella eventually so make sure you have them when you head out the door. monterey bay rain doesn't get there until nighttime temperatures on the mild side. 7 day forecast morning showers wednesday giving way to dry weather for thanksgiving. the timing couldn't be better. mostly sunny and milder for black friday. saturday a little bit cooler. sunday monday but still dray. mike will be here
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from 4:30 to track the next system coming in here. >> thanks. >> coming up next. ancient rock carvings stolen right off the side of a mountain. >> smash and grab that has authorities vow to go find who is responsible. >>
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. >> federal investigators are looking for the thieves who stole ancient indian petroglyph from rock formation in the eastern sierra a.crook used power saw generator and ladder to pry 4 kavshtionings loose. visitors reported them missing on october 31. blm is offering 1,000 dollar reward for information leading to arrests. >> 9-year-old girl whose football skills turned her into a national sensation may have helped inspire 49ers to huge win tonight. at least we give her the credit. samantha so impressed the niners they welcomed her to their facility and met stef young and watched the game. watch her speed. agility now national following after her dad posted a video on line of her in action. with her youth football look egg in
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utah. look at her. they can't stop her. >> she is amazing. isn't she. >> yes. >> niners pretty amazing too tonight. >> would i like to see collin throwing to little sam. that is unstoppable right there. the he forces the question tonight who should be starting at quarterback for the 49ers. back up qb opens a lot of eyes. back up qb opens a lot of eyes. in the first nfl start
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>> here we go. let the quarterback controversy begin. collin started in place of alec smith tonight. he shredded one of the best defense in the nfl. had he a rocket arm and niners they destroyed the bears. smith said he was surprised. felt he was fine recovered from concussion last week but collin got the start first in the nfl and he looked like a veteran. first quarter. deep down the field. to kyle williams in stride. 57 yards. jim harbaugh pumped. next play to
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davis. kind of forgot in the offense. 6 catches said he felt like somebody took the handcuffs off finally. 10 nothing niners. second quarte quarter. to davis. again. 32 yard gain. perfect placement. 12 of 15. 184 yards in the first half setting up hunter. up the middle. look at the drive hey. 14 yards. niners up 17 nothing. bears stunned. defense just destroyed campbel campbell. smith 5 and a half sack nitd. he was unblockable. niners up 20 to nothing at the break. bull rushing guys. third quarter more from the man from nevada connect with mario for 37 yards and moments later add will he be nobody open. float to the left and hits michael crabtree for the touch. 10 yard score. 16 of 23. 243 yards. 2 touch downs. niners rock. 32-7. and everybody is raving about collin.
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>> we'll see. usually tend to go with the guy with the hot hand. we have 2 quarterback that have a hot hand. so collin did an outstanding job. >> just felt good tuberculosis back out on the football field playing. i mean i thought we did good job as offense. put points on the beard. we came out on top so it was good. >> collin is the man. i think collin did a great job. you know i'm very proud of him. i take my hat off to him because he stepped today. he did some great things out there. help us win this game. >> tonight was probably the worst nightmare. >> thumb it up. warriors in overtime in dallas. in recent years this was the game that golden state would have found some way to lose. different group. fourth quarter 2 minutes left. curry with a runner here. he had 31 points. 90-88 golden state. would
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answer here one-on-one with him and rises and fires. we are tied. barns to drive. own rebound passes out to some son. hold for one last shot what are you doing? no. huge mental mistake. that gives dallas 1 final chance to win it but carter in overtime and curry lead the way to drive and 17 point and 19 board. warriors nice road win. >> thanks larry. >> "nightline"next. >>
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